Sunday, 29 May 2011

Some thoughts on the iPad 2 actual feel

After using the demo iPad 2s in various shops I decided to take plunge and get one. I'd been reading so much stuff on the Internet especially RSS feeds on the iPhone that I wanted a larger screen and to be able to read longer articles in comfort.

This isn't a review but something I've noticed during my first week of ownership. Along with the iPad I also bought one of the new covers. When playing in the shops I'd only used the bare the metal version which was very pleasant to hold and manipulate.

However, I am now rather averse to using the iPad without the cover. I tend to hold the iPad in book mode and having the cover folded underneath the feel is of a natural fabric rather than metal. This has almost turned the iPad from a machine into something else: almost a book or another kind of natural object. It's an interesting sensory experience.

I occasionally remove the cover, usually to quickly reattach it which shows the other neat aspect which is how easily it self-aligns. The only thing it's missing is when folded underneath is the ability to 'stick' to the underneath so it does feel like a paperback folded back on itself with only a single page visible fighting to flatten itself.

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